Van Alen Institute Announces Winners of ‘Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge’

Van Alen Institute named the winners of the Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge International Design Competition to reinvent the famous Brooklyn Bridge walkway.

Van Alen Institute Announces Winners of ‘Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge’

Van Alen Institute Announces Winners of 'Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge'

Van Alen Institute Announces Winners of ‘Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge’

From a field of 200 submissions from 37 nations, the winning designs imagined the bridge as a forum for climate change, social justice, and artistic expression.

They also highlighted the urgent need to widen the bridge roads for pedestrians and cyclists, a thread that was threaded through all the proposals made by the six finalists of the competition.

The winning design in the Professional category (22 years and older) in Brooklyn Bridge Forest by Pilot Projects Design Group, Cities4Forests, Wildlife Conservation Society, Grimshaw, and Silman; New York and Montreal.

There’s a plan re-imagine the bridge as a symbol of climate change and social justice, enhancing accessibility while respecting the historic structure.

The historic wooden walkway is being extended using planks sustainably harvested from a partner group in Guatemala that preserves 200,000 acres of rainforest.

A dedicated cycle path and a recycled road lane create new space for pedestrians and low-carbon transportation, while biodiverse ‘micro forests’ at either end of the bridge carry nature to New York City and act as green spaces for underserved neighborhoods.

The winning style in the Young Adult category (aged 21 and under is Do Look Down by Shannon Hui, Kwans Kim, and Yujin Kim; Hong Kong, Bay Area, CA, and New York.

Do Look Down’s construction of a glass surface above the bridge girders creates a whimsical new pedestrian area that is enabled by art installations and seasonal programming.

The lower roadway is transformed into additional walkable and human-powered transport space, which also provides opportunities for local vendors and performers. Driven by kinetics, the LED and projection systems are mobilized to respect the city’s cultures, histories, and personalities.

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