Toward Utilizing the Technology in Urban Design

The concurrent technology has influenced various expertise and provided opportunities for others so that they can have access to more resources. The technology effects on science positively and pushes them to be impressive advancements. Thus analyzing more complex data with high precision today, is easily achievable for the scientist as well as Urban Designers.

Cities Today

Cities are the most complicated and the biggest invention of human in history. Today more than half of the population of the world live in these areas. These populated cities must possess maximum comfort and benefits. Residents of main cities demand convenient accommodation. As a result application of high technology in various aspect of cities must be a priority.

using technology in urban design
Using new technology in Smart Cities (Photo by Hugh Han)

The Role of Planners and Designers

Urban Planners and Urban Designers must work toward utilization of the technology. Whether their plan is research-based or it is a practical project. Their ultimate target must be taking advantage of this high tech softwares.

Since the 1960s, We can clearly see that computer softwares have been consistently utilized for the purpose of analyzing data, required in architecture and Urban Planning. However, more specifically in Urban Design, this scenario doesn’t have a long record. only recently we have had access to these programs that are tailored particularly for Urban Design.
Urban Designers have used computer software to create three-dimensional models or to stimulate a design in an artificial environment. Then they would use it to represent or depict our model. But we didn’t cautiously use these softwares to analysis the necessary data and crucial measurements in Urban Design.

using technology in urban design

Photo by from Pexels

New Information Provided Thanks to Technology

Fortunately, in the current years, we are witnessing an increase in the usage of these softwares chiefly due to the presence of more novel tools. These tools have the capability of measuring statistical and analytical aspects of a project with great accuracy. On top of that, these programs provide more information about the actual model.
We are going to introduce these new tools in the upcoming articles. Just briefly it is worth knowing that these programs give us accurate calculation regarding the moisture, temperature degree, amount of dirt and dust, and etc, in the air as well as noise pollution. The scale of These measurements varies from a room to a block to an entire street. These programs are very accessible nowadays to both experts and even common enthusiasts in this field.

using technology in urban design
Spirmo personal air quality tester (

This is a turning point for Urban Designers mainly because, in the past, this information was unavailable. Simply it was impossible to calculate factors such as density of moisture from node to node or street to street in each province.
Another beneficial feature is the possibility of having a visual representation of these details and data. Urban Design experts now can record a video of a structure or street by their cellphone and process that by using these programs and get precisely processed and analyzed data. For instance, it is possible to have a time-lapse video of a crowded city and extract the number of passages or a sampled population.

using technology in urban design
Analyzing videos by cell phones video recorder (

Old Theories are Changing

Based on the output of these modern age softwares and the calculation of diverse environmental factors within a space, now we can see that some of the proved theories are rejected or should be adjusted. Today we have this capability to convert those proved claims in favor of our design.
It’s evident that in the past we hadn’t have precis assisting programs that could analyze urban space in great depth. But today by using these new tools that aren’t very expensive we are capable of breaking down the crucial attributes of each meter of an urban space and record them. Moreover, we can have a new understanding of them.

Opportunity for Advancement

The flow of 1960s and 1970s and the approach of those ages for Urban Planning provided them with assisting software. This approach brought a new phase to their work. Today we are experiencing the same revolution in Urban Design. Experts in this domain can take advantages of novel programs in order to alter outdated procedures and lounge for the best outcomes in this field.