What’s the most populous city in the world?

The world’s population is growing day by day and a significant percentage of this population is scattered in major metropolises of the world with a higher quality of life. Do you know What’s the most populous city in the world?

To introduce the most populous city in the world

Among the statistics and studies, Tokyo has gained the title of the most populous city in the world. In the following, we’ll have a quick overview of this city.
Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. Tokyo is located east of the Japanese island of Honshu and is one of the 47 provinces of Japan.

Tokyo was initially a small fishing village called Edo. In later times, Edo eventually became a major city, making it one of the largest cities in the world in the 18th century.

The divisions and names of Tokyo City and Tokyo Province existed until 1943, but this year the division became obsolete and the city and province of Tokyo merged.

Tokyo is the largest manufacturing capital in the world after New York and London.

What's the most populous city in the world?

47 of the top companies in the world were based in Tokyo

In 2008, 47 of the top 500 companies in the world were based in Tokyo, making it the world’s number one company.

Tokyo is a city that has been totally devastated many times by earthquakes, fires, or conflicts, and has been beautifully restored every time.

As a result, Tokyo’s current landscape looks very modern and attractive with contemporary architecture, and traditional and ancient buildings are very rare in the city.

Tokyo has a very beautiful nature, cherry blossoms are the national symbol of Japan, cherry blossoms in April, Tokyo this season, and many Japanese cities have indescribable beauty.

Tokyo is a smokeless town

Basically, the most populated cities in the world have a lot of environmental issues, air change, and heavy traffic, but in Tokyo, the city government and the municipality have developed a culture that encourages people to use public services to solve all of these problems.

The use of subways, city trains, buses, and the construction of a large network of subway lines have been able to solve the problems of traffic and air pollution so that there are no such problems in a city with such a large population.

There is no traffic, or people can ride quickly on the subway.

Official photos from inside Japan display crowds at subway stations, but there is very little traffic on the streets of the area.

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