Denmark’s First Renewable Energy Island in the World

On 4 February, Denmark approved a proposal to create the first renewable energy island in the world to meet the electricity needs of 3 million European households in the North Sea.The artificial island, which will have an infrastructure of the size of 18 soccer fields in its first phase, will be connected to hundreds of massive offshore wind turbines and thus, in addition to producing electricity for households, will provide green hydrogen for use in the air and land transport industries. Pleasantly, Oscillator.

Denmark’s First Renewable Energy Island in the World

“The island will play a major role in realizing the enormous potential of Europe’s sea winds,” Danish Energy Minister Dan Jorgensen told a news conference calling for a historic moment for Denmark and a move towards green energy use.

Investing in renewable energy development is in line with the Danish Government’s target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2030.

It is the largest construction project in Danish history and is estimated to have cost 210 billion kroner ($34 billion).

Denmark's First Renewable Energy Island in the World

At least half of the artificial island, which is to be constructed 80 km off the coast, will be owned by the government and part of it by the private sector.

The center will send extra electricity to the grids of neighboring countries such as Germany and the Netherlands. Another product of this island is hydrogen, which is manufactured in a clean form for use in shipping, aviation and other modes of heavy transport.

According to the Danish Climate Code, the country aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 70% by 2030-compared to 1990-and to neutralize carbon emissions by 2050. Last December, the country declared that it will end all oil and gas exploration in the “North Sea”.

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